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Things to Do in Phoenix

by Erica Cook

If you're taking a trip to Phoenix, then here are some fun day trips to take. A few are geard towards people who love the outdoors, while others are more indoor type activities.

Desert Botanical Garden

You might not associate a desert climate with flowers, but a trip to this amazing botanical garden will change your mind. The garden has a wonderful collection of cacti, agave, mesquite, chaparral, and other dessert plants.

If you're feeling adventurous you should check out two of the park's special attractions. The first is a walking loop in the Sonoran desert. The loop is open all day and lets you get up close to some of the native dessert plants and animals. The loop is a comfortable quarter mile long.

The second attraction is the gardens nighttime flashlight walk. There are many desert plants that only bloom at night, so if you want to see them in all their beauty, you should take advantage of the night walk.

Hike the Sunrise Trail

There is a mountain range located near downtown Phoenix called McDowell Mountains. If you want to get an amazing view of Phoenix, as well as have a great time hiking up the mountain, then head for the Sunset trail. It brings you to the summit and affords you a spectacular view of the city.

Rock Climbing at Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain gets its name from the fact that the ridge looks like the hump of a camel. While the mountain is beautiful, and has some amazing hiking trails, one of its coolest attractions is a rock formation called Praying Monk. It is a giant boulder, narrow and tall, that resembles a man in a contemplative pose.

The hike towards the boulder is great for novice climbers. The ascent of the boulder itself is a technically difficult climb that involves ropes and rappelling. You can see some photos of the climb here.

Arizona Science Center

Don't pass up the chance to visit this science center. It has exhibits that are specific to Arizona, such as how to construct a home using the materials native to Arizona, as well as broader topics such as exhibits focusing on solar energy.

Catch a Diamondbacks Game at Chase Field

Chase Field is a beautiful, domed baseball park. The stadium has a retractable roof. The decision on whether or not to keep the roof open depends on the temperature. Arizona is one of the hottest states in the country, and if it is too hot on game day, the roof will be closed and the stadium will be air-conditioned. Even if you're not a Diamondback fan, you can pretend to be one for the day.

These fun ideas are just some of the things to do in Phoenix.