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Strategies to Use in an Escape Room

by Erica Cook

Escape rooms are a newer form of entertainment that is a great group activity. In this type of activity, the person who is managing the escape room will tell you a short story to explain why you are in the room. He or she will then give you the rules of the room, such as what you are and are not allowed to touch, and then tell you how long you have to escape. You then go into the room, the manager locks the door, and then you and the rest of your group work together as a team to use the items in the room to discover keys or other items that will give you key codes to unlock the door. Here are some strategies for making sure that you get through the escape room as quickly as possible.

1. Talk to Each Other But Don't Interrupt

The quietest person in the room can still have great ideas about what you and the rest of your team need to do in order to get out of the room. However, this person might not have the vocal strength to shout down the louder members of the group in order to share this idea. To make sure that everyone is able to provide input and to increase the chances that you get out of the room, assign teams of two to work together to comb the room for clues. Come to the center of the room every few minutes to talk about what you have found. When sharing, designate an item to act as the "speaking item" and try to enforce that whoever has the item is the only one to talk.

2. Open All Cabinets That You Can

The first thing that you are going to want to do is search every drawer and cabinet that you can. Open everything and leave them hanging open to show that they have already been searched. Leave their contents out of them, on the floor or the top of the cabinet, in order to allow you to make an inventory with the sweep of an eye.

3. Turn Off the Lights

If you are provided with a light switch that controls the lights, let everyone know that you are planning to turn the lights off and then hit the switch. Search the room for anything written on the wall in glow-in-the-dark paint. If you don't see anything, make sure that you did not find a black light while you were searching. If you did, find it, turn off the lights, and then search the room with the black light.

For more information, talk to the manager of an escape room like Houdini’s Room Escape.