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Dunk 'Em! 4 Safety Tips For Your New Dunk Tank

by Erica Cook

Dunk tanks are a great addition to any backyard carnival, especially during the summer. Before you set your dunk tank up, however, you should know that improper use can result in injuries. To keep your guests safe, you should ensure that everyone understand the safety precautions. Here are four safety tips you should be sure to follow after you have found a dunk tank for sale.

Set Your Tank Up in a Safe Location

When setting up your new dunk tank, there are some specific safety precautions you'll need to take. First, be sure you set your dunk tank up on level ground. Setting your tank up on an incline could cause your tank to collapse due to uneven weight distribution of the water inside the tank. Second, never set your tank up near electrical outlets. Setting your tank up near electrical outlets could result in electrocution, especially if water is splashed onto the outlets.

Water Shoes Are Necessary

Before you allow guests to enter the dunk tank, be sure they're wearing proper water shoes. The bottom of the tank can get slippery, which could lead to serious injuries. Water shoes provide traction, which will allow your guests to walk in the tank without slipping and going under water.

Don't Tense Up

It can be quite a shock when the someone hits the bullseye. Before your guests enter the tank, you'll need to explain the proper way of dropping into the water when the seat collapses. First, they need to have their feet and arms in front of them. This will prevent their limbs from getting caught in the chair as it folds. Finally, they need to relax their muscles as the seat collapses. Relaxing their body will allow them to drop safely into the water.

Check for Medical Conditions

While your new dunk tank is safe for most people, it shouldn't be used by people who have certain pre-existing medical conditions. Here are some of the medical conditions that should be restricted from the dunk tank.

  • Back problems
  • Neck problems
  • Pregnancy

Because the seat drops quickly, dunk tanks can cause serious injuries or harm if used by people experiencing these medical conditions.

Dunk tanks are a great way to increase your backyard fun. Before you set up your dunk tank, though, you need to ensure the safety of all those who will be using it. Use the safety tips provided here to keep your guests safe.