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Balloon Décor Ideas for Your Garden-Themed Event

by Erica Cook

Balloons are a bright and welcoming way to decorate an indoor event, especially if colorful is the goal. For events featuring a spring or garden theme, there are particularly great ways to integrate the balloons into the décor. The following are just a few ideas that you can use:

Idea #1: Create a flower arch

Balloon arches are a common design used to frame a doorway or a stage or even to arch over a display table. To go with the garden theme, order a flower arch instead of a standard balloon arch. For this arch, five balloons of the same color are fastened around a balloon of a different color, creating the petals and center of a flower. The balloon flowers are then tied onto a thin plastic or metal arch support. Your balloon designer may get even more creative by adding green leaves made by twisting long, skinny balloons into the desired shape.

Idea #2: Add a balloon garden

Placing a few clusters of bright balloon "flowers" throughout the event space is a delightful way to decorate. This is done by attaching a helium-filled balloon to a bright-green ribbon. Use multiple balloons of varying colors and attach them to ribbons of different lengths. Anchor each ribbon to a weight so it appears to be growing from the ground. Each balloon should feature lightweight paper petals around it to make the balloon look like the center of a flower. Matching green paper leaves or smaller blooms can also be attached to the ribbons.

Tip #3: Use balloons for the centerpieces

Balloons also work well for centerpieces, especially if you place them on sticks so they don't block cross-table conversations. One garden-ready design is a balloon butterfly. These are made from four small balloons—two for each wing—combined with a single tube balloon for the body. You can use a bundle of these alone on each table, or you can combine butterflies with flowers. Another option is to use real wildflower arrangements and then insert a single balloon butterfly into each for a touch of whimsy.

Tip #4: Draw the eye

Do you need something that will really draw the eye, such as a main centerpiece for a cake table? If so, how about ordering a balloon tree? This simply consists of a bundle of small balloons in various shades of green, which are then attached to a brown cardboard trunk that doubles as the display stand for the "tree." Small red balloons can be added to make it resemble an apple tree, or you can opt for white or pink balloons if you want the tree to look like it is in flower. Taller versions of these balloon trees can also be made to frame an entrance or stage area. Talk to a balloon decorator in your area for more ideas.

To have these creations made professionally, contact a balloon decorations service in your area.