mixing up entertainment for fundraisers

  • Strategies to Use in an Escape Room

    9 September 2015

    Escape rooms are a newer form of entertainment that is a great group activity. In this type of activity, the person who is managing the escape room will tell you a short story to explain why you are in the room. He or she will then give you the rules of the room, such as what you are and are not allowed to touch, and then tell you how long you have to escape.

  • Things to Do in Phoenix

    27 July 2015

    If you're taking a trip to Phoenix, then here are some fun day trips to take. A few are geard towards people who love the outdoors, while others are more indoor type activities. Desert Botanical Garden You might not associate a desert climate with flowers, but a trip to this amazing botanical garden will change your mind. The garden has a wonderful collection of cacti, agave, mesquite, chaparral, and other dessert plants.